There Is No Rose

Sleeping Bee

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There is No Rose

music - Lindsey Horner words - Traditional

This song was originally recorded by Sleeping Bee, otherwise known as Lindsey Horner, Andy Goessling, Randy Crafton and Timothy Hill. “There is No Rose” is a carol dating back to the 15th century and we have reimagined it for these times.

The words are ancient and traditional, a mix of middle English and Latin, full of innocent wonder and nature imagery. The music is by Lindsey, all the boys helped arrange it, and it was recorded at Randy’s excellent studio, Kaleidoscope Sound.

Recorded originally around Christmas of 2013 and ostensibly a holiday song, it can be enjoyed all year 'round.

Timothy Hill - voice, guitar Lindsey Horner - bass, low whistle, med. whistle Andy Goessling - bouzouki, mandolin, 12 string guitar, clarinet, soprano saxophone Randy Crafton - frame drums, various percussion

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