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Eileen Ivers and Universal Roots

Chocolate Church Arts Center, 798 Washington St., Bath, ME

Joyful Christmas Concert

Lindsey Horner Selected Discography


As a leader or co-leader:


One More Forever - solo bass recording with drummer Jeff Berman on 5 of the 10 tracks. (Upshot)


Sleeping Bee - Come Down In Thunder (with Andy Goessling, Randy Crafton, Timothy Hill); Heyday Maker (with Andy Goessling and Randy Crafton) - Upshot Records


Undiscovered Country - (with Allison Miller, Colter Harper, Andy Irvine, Erwin Vann, Rob Thomas, Augustin Foly, Jeff Berman, Chris Cunningham, Randy Crafton) - ArtistShare


Don't Count on Glory - (with Brian Lynch, Pete McCann, Marty Ehrlich, Jeff Berman, Uri Caine, Neal Kirkwood, Bobby Previte), Cadence


Believers - (with Jeff Williams, Neal Kirkwood, Erwin Vann) - Koch


Mercy Angel - (with Jeff Williams, Neal Kirkwood, Erwin Vann) - Upshot


Never No More - (with Tim Berne, Marty Ehrlich, Herb Robertson, Gust Tsilis, Reggie Nicholson, Jerry O'Sullivan)


Jewels and Binoculars - Ships With Tattooed Sails - (with Michael Moore, Michael Vatcher) - Upshot Records


Jewels and Binoculars - Floater - (with Michael Moore, Michael Vatcher) - Ramboy


Jewels and Binoculars - (with Michael Moore, Michael Vatcher) - Ramboy


Mighty Rain - (with Susan McKeown) - Depth of Field


Through the Bitter Frost and Snow - (with Susan McKeown) - PrimeCD


The Chromatic Persuaders - Extrospection - (with Neal Kirkwood, Mark Feldman, Tom Rainey) - Konnex


The Chromatic Persuaders - (with Neal Kirkwood, Mark Feldman, Tom Rainey) - Konnex


I have been blessed to be a part of many recordings as a sideman. Here are a few that come to mind that I am especially proud of:


Susan McKeown - Bones


Myra Melford - Alive in the House of Saints


Marc Mangen - Into the Beautiful


New York Composer's Orchestra - First Program in Standard Time


Lori Carson - Stars


Seamus Egan - When Juniper Sleeps


Andy Irvine - Way Out Yonder


Muhal Richard Abrams - Blu, Blu, Blu


Bobby Previte - Too Close to the Pole


Erwin Vann - Worlds


 And, lest I forget, the Grammy award winning recording of:


Les Miserables, Original Broadway recording


To be continued....