A very unique recording which serves as something of a summation of Lindsey’s career up to that point (2008/2009). Featuring musicians from the various points on his circuitous journey, this was a chance to craft some modern world/folk/jazz with like-minded people.

With Erwin Vann from Belgium, Augustin Foly from Togo, Colter Harper from Pittsburgh, Allison Miller, Jeff Berman, Rob Thomas, Chris Cunningham and Randy Crafton from New York and with very special guest, Irish music legend, Andy Irvine, who appears on two songs: one his own remaking of an ancient traditional ballad, the other an original by Lindsey.

The cover is from a painting by the great American artist, Alex Katz. It would be worth downloading the booklet from this one as it contains much information on the individual tracks and beautiful graphic and photographic work by Scott Friedlander.


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