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January 2023


Welcome to the website of Lindsey Horner, I hope you enjoy your visit. Due to a change in the website host, the new store is currently under construction. I hope to have all recordings available here before long.



We still mourn the passing of one of my oldest friends and musical partners, Andy Goessling, who left this life on October 12th, 2018. It has been difficult for me to proceed with much else while I try to process the new reality that this represents. We had known each other since we were teenagers and while we moved in different circles, we finally came together to form Sleeping Bee starting in about 2012 and the rightness of it was obvious from the start. With Randy Crafton and Timothy Hill, we formed a quartet of kindred spirits who shared a great deal of common ground and discovered new ground together. We had only just finished our second album, "Come Down In Thunder", which I suppose I should be and should have been promoting but my heart has just not been in it, to be honest. Andy's playing on this record is some of the most adventurous and realized he had ever done - he played outside his comfort zone in this band and he welcomed the challenge of that. I know that he was very proud of this record - as am I, as are we all -  and I welcome everyone to listen to it, enjoy it, purchase it. The three of us left of Sleeping Bee have been trying to decide how or if to carry on, rethinking and redefining what we are since Andy is irreplaceable. But in the meantime, please dig it:



I'm glad to say that One More Forever, the solo bass recording I had long yearned to make has been out in the world since 2017 and working its' way into people's ears. It features original compositions plus "Let's Cool One" by Thelonious Monk and a rendition of one of my favorite tunes to play on, "Minority" by Gigi Gryce. The photos were shot in Ft. Tryon Park in upper Manhattan by the great photographer, Judy Schiller, and that's one of them on the banner of this page. Graphic designer, Scott Friedlander, who did such great work on both Undiscovered Country and Heyday Maker, did his usual fantastic job on this release as well. It also features liner notes by my longtime friend and colleague, Irish bassist, composer and educator, Ronan Guilfoyle.

The record grabbed the attention of distinguished Jazz writer, Bill Milkowski who rendered a glowing review, I'm proud to say. As the author of "The Extraordinary and Tragic Life of Jaco Pastorius",  the definitive biography of that giant of bass, (and a must-read), Bill definitely knows what he's talking about, so I'm very grateful for that. If you go to the "Reviews" section, you can read it.

“On One More Forever, the cavernous sonorities of Lindsey Horner's double bass propel listeners through an alhambra of blues shouts, Irish laments and Baroque gigues. His playing offers a foundation rooted in firm vamps from which are forged molten grooves and cascading melodies that are uplifting and soulful.”

- Greg Masters, author of “What All the Songs Add Up To”

Thanks, Greg!

The CD is available via digital download:  and through most streaming and download services, iTunes, Amazon, spotify, rhapsody etc.

Many of my bass heroes have tested their mettle by making an extended solo statement, Miroslav Vitous, Gary Peacock, Ron Carter, Dave Holland (who has made two - AND a solo cello record). It seemed that I'd put it off long enough so I went into the studio with the able support of my right hand man, Jeff Berman, who played drums on about half the tracks. Thus making it not entirely "solo" but I thought it would be more fun to have Jeff accompany me in his inimitable style. I've always been something of a groove player forming my tightest bonds with drummers and Jeff has been a part of so many of my projects. 

I do thank you for listening, downloading, buying and enjoying this recording which has been near to my heart for a long time.


I'm also in my 12th year as a member of the band of fiddle player Eileen Ivers and Universal Roots. 2022 saw us back on the road a fair bit after the surpassing strangeness of the pandemic times. I'm continually thrilled to play with the force of nature of Celtic and World music that is Eileen along with button accordion and keyboardist, Buddy Connolly, percussionist/guitarist/singer, Dave Barckow and guitarist/banjoist/singer, Colin Forhan.